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Solmera Coast Studio Model Unit

Cameron Residences 1-Bedroom Model Unit 30 sqm

Cameron Residences 2-Bedroom Model Unit 53 sqm

Infina Towers 2-Bedroom Model Unit 56 sqm

Kai Garden Residences 2-Bedroom Model Unit 56 sqm

Lumiere Residences 3-Bedroom Model Unit 83.5 sqm

Mirea Residences 2-Bedroom Model Unit 55.5 sqm

Sheridan Towers 2-Bedroom Model Unit 56.5 sqm

Standard 1-Bedroom Model Unit 28 sqm

Standard 2-Bedroom Model Unit 56 sqm

Standard Bare End Unit 2BR 66.5 SQM

Standard Bare End Unit 3BR 79.5 SQM

Standard Bare Inner Unit 1BR 28 SQM

Standard Bare Inner Unit 2BR 56.5 SQM

Standard Bare Inner Unit open Layout 2BR 56.5 SQM