Reservation Requirements

  1. Online Client Registration – Registration would allow you to start holding units for free before you decide to make a reservation
  2. Reservation Agreement Form
  3. A reservation fee for PHP 20,000 for unit and PHP 10,000 for parking (optional unless parking is required) 

Other requirements that you would need within 7 days from reservation

1. Valid IDs
2. Proof of Billing
3. Signed Computation Sheet
4. Marriage Certificate if wife is still using her maiden name

Requirements to be submitted up to 45 days from reservation along with signed contracts
1. Verified TIN number – if not available, we can get new ones for you
2. Mode of Payments (4 options):

  1. Philippine Post Dated Checks (PDCs) for the down payments – If not available, you can make use of a friend’s or relative’s checks with authorization letter
  2. Auto Debit Arrangement (ADA) from accredited banks
  3. Bills Payment Option through accredited Remittance Centers
  4. Robinsons Virtual Bank Account – we can open a virtual bank account for you where you can wire your monthly payments for DMCI.

Special Power of Attorney

If you are unavailable to transact, you can assign a representative to transact on your behalf.