The Atherton DMCI in Sucat Parañaque

The Atherton DMCI is DMCI Homes’ next upcoming project in Parañaque City launched July 2018.  The project will feature 3 high rise buildings. Our first building, Oak building, will have 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom units and 3 bedroom Tandem



Dr. A. Santos Ave., Parañaque City, National Capital Region, 1700


1.7 Hectares




3 Buildings (Almond, Helica and Oak)


15 Floors


340 Units and 229 parking slots (OAK BUILDING)


1 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom Units and 3-4 Bedroom Tandem Units



The Atherton DMCI Logo



The Atherton DMCI is located at Dr. A. Santos Ave., Parañaque City, National Capital Region, 1700


The Atherton DMCI Location

The Atherton DMCI in Google Maps


Street View of where The Atherton DMCI will be put up





The Atherton DMCI will be in close proximity to several commercial and business establishments.

Business & Commercial Hubs

  • Alabang Town Center 8.6 km – 24 mins
  • Ayala Business Club 14 km – 30 mins
  • Festival Mall Alabang 7.8 km – 23 mins
  • Madrigal Business Park 9.2 km – 30 mins
  • Puregold Sucat 1.2 km – 5 mins
  • Santana Grove 1.4 km – 5 mins
  • Shopwise – San Antonio, Sucat 1.2 km – 4 mins
  • SM City BF Parañaque 0.9 km – 3 mins
  • SM City Sucat 4.9 km – 18 mins
  • SM Hypermarket Sucat 1.9 km – 7 mins
  • UP South School 1.3 km – 9 mins
  • Virramall Sucat 4.2 km – 17 mins
  • Waltermart Sucat 2.3 km – 10 mins



  • APEC Schools – Sta. Rita 1.8 km – 7 mins
  • Betty’s Vermillion Academy 1.9 km – 11 mins
  • Olivarez College 4.0 km – 20 mins
  • PATTS College of Aeronautics 3.2 km – 12 mins
  • San Beda College – Alabang 7 km – 25 mins
  • St. Theresa De Avila School of Parañaque 2.0 km – 12 mins


Medical Institutions

  • Asian Hospital and Medical Center 7.8 km – 20 mins
  • Medical Center Parañaque 1.1 km – 4 mins
  • Olivarez Hospital 3.7 km – 15 mins
  • Parañaque Doctors Hospital 4.3 km – 23 mins
  • Unihealth Hospital and Medical Center 0.75 km – 2 mins


Transport Terminals

  • NAIA Terminal 1 7.8 km – 26 mins
  • NAIA Terminal 2 7.4 km – 22 mins
  • NAIA Terminal 3 12.4 km – 33 mins


Other Locations

  • Greenhills Christian Fellowship 1.7 km – 7 mins
  • Iglesia ni Cristo – Lokal ng Parañaque 1.1 km – 5 mins
  • Mondelez International 0.35 km – 2 mins
  • San Antonio de Padua Parish Church 1.1 km – 6 mins


For reference of what to expect, check out the development plan for the project below.

  1. Oak Building – August 2022
  2. Helicia Building – February 2023
  3. Almond Building – August 2023

Site Development Plan

The Atherton DMCI Site Development Plan


Below are the floor plans for The Atherton DMCI having double loaded corridor design with Garden Atriums and Sky Patios every 5 levels.  We have 22 to 24 units per floor for the project.


The Atherton DMCI will feature 1, 2 Bedroom units and 3 bedroom tandem units.  Below are the layouts for each unit type.

15% Downpayment Promo 

THE ATHERTON Availability, Prices and Computations

Available units
Price Range
Minimum DP
2BR12454.00 - 61.505,143,000 - 10,340,00026,427.42 - 78,984.21 /mo


1 Bedroom Type A

Availability of 1 Bedroom Units

Get in touch with us for availability of 1 bedroom units

2 Bedroom Type A

2 Bedroom Type B

2 Bedroom Type C

2 Bedroom C


2 Bedroom Type D

2 Bedroom Type E

Availability of 2 Bedroom Units

DP 15%
025,717,0002BR54.00Aug 202327,017.74 /mo31 mos.Rear Unit facing East
066,063,0002BR56.00Aug 202328,691.94 /mo31 mos.Front Unit facing West
066,614,0002BR61.50Aug 202331,358.06 /mo31 mos.Front Unit facing West
095,595,0002BR54.00Aug 202326,427.42 /mo31 mos.Rear Unit facing East
106,114,0002BR54.00Aug 202328,938.71 /mo31 mos.Front Unit facing West
116,140,0002BR54.00Aug 202329,064.52 /mo31 mos.Front Unit facing West
127,078,0002BR61.50Aug 202333,603.23 /mo31 mos.Front Unit facing West
145,692,0002BR54.00Aug 202326,896.77 /mo31 mos.Rear Unit facing East
145,740,0002BR56.00Aug 202327,129.03 /mo31 mos.Rear Unit facing East
146,794,0002BR61.50Aug 202332,229.03 /mo31 mos.Front Unit facing West
146,794,0002BR61.50Aug 202332,229.03 /mo31 mos.Front Unit facing West
156,268,0002BR56.00Aug 202329,683.87 /mo31 mos.Front Unit facing West
156,214,0002BR54.00Aug 202329,422.58 /mo31 mos.Front Unit facing West
PH6,398,0002BR56.00Aug 202330,312.90 /mo31 mos.Front Unit facing West
PH6,342,0002BR54.00Aug 202330,041.94 /mo31 mos.Front Unit facing West
019,859,0002BR61.50Feb 202358,354.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
015,746,0002BR56.00Feb 202333,676.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
015,702,0002BR54.00Feb 202333,412.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
015,702,0002BR54.00Feb 202333,412.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
015,746,0002BR56.00Feb 202333,676.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
015,746,0002BR56.00Feb 202333,676.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
029,296,0002BR61.50Feb 202354,976.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
025,183,0002BR56.00Feb 202330,298.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
025,143,0002BR54.00Feb 202330,058.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
025,579,0002BR54.00Feb 202332,674.00 /mo25 mos.Front Unit facing East
026,148,0002BR61.50Feb 202336,088.00 /mo25 mos.Front Unit facing East
035,719,0002BR61.50Feb 202333,514.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
039,773,0002BR61.50Feb 202357,838.00 /mo25 mos.Front Unit facing East
036,173,0002BR61.50Feb 202336,238.00 /mo25 mos.Front Unit facing East
049,345,0002BR61.50Feb 202355,270.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
045,231,0002BR56.00Feb 202330,586.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
045,745,0002BR61.50Feb 202333,670.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
045,674,0002BR56.00Feb 202333,244.00 /mo25 mos.Front Unit facing East
046,195,0002BR61.50Feb 202336,370.00 /mo25 mos.Front Unit facing East
055,556,0002BR56.00Feb 202332,536.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
056,068,0002BR61.50Feb 202335,608.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
065,821,0002BR54.00Feb 202334,126.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
065,821,0002BR54.00Feb 202334,126.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
066,377,0002BR61.50Feb 202337,462.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
079,715,0002BR61.50Feb 202357,490.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
076,115,0002BR61.50Feb 202335,890.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
076,569,0002BR61.50Feb 202338,614.00 /mo25 mos.Front Unit facing East
089,977,0002BR61.50Feb 202359,062.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
085,866,0002BR56.00Feb 202334,396.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
085,821,0002BR54.00Feb 202334,126.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
086,377,0002BR61.50Feb 202337,462.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
086,838,0002BR61.50Feb 202340,228.00 /mo25 mos.Front Unit facing East
096,619,0002BR61.50Feb 202338,914.00 /mo25 mos.Front Unit facing East
109,835,0002BR61.50Feb 202358,210.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
105,679,0002BR54.00Feb 202333,274.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
106,235,0002BR61.50Feb 202336,610.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
1010,241,0002BR61.50Feb 202360,646.00 /mo25 mos.Front Unit facing East
1110,146,0002BR61.50Feb 202360,076.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
115,985,0002BR54.00Feb 202335,110.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
115,985,0002BR54.00Feb 202335,110.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
116,033,0002BR56.00Feb 202335,398.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
116,546,0002BR61.50Feb 202338,476.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
116,438,0002BR56.00Feb 202337,828.00 /mo25 mos.Front Unit facing East
129,884,0002BR61.50Feb 202358,504.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
125,726,0002BR54.00Feb 202333,556.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
126,284,0002BR61.50Feb 202336,904.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
1210,293,0002BR61.50Feb 202360,958.00 /mo25 mos.Front Unit facing East
126,169,0002BR56.00Feb 202336,214.00 /mo25 mos.Front Unit facing East
149,906,0002BR61.50Feb 202358,636.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
145,750,0002BR54.00Feb 202333,700.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
145,750,0002BR54.00Feb 202333,700.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
146,306,0002BR61.50Feb 202337,036.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
1410,315,0002BR61.50Feb 202361,090.00 /mo25 mos.Front Unit facing East
146,715,0002BR61.50Feb 202339,490.00 /mo25 mos.Front Unit facing East
155,819,0002BR56.00Feb 202334,114.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
155,868,0002BR57.00Feb 202334,408.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
155,773,0002BR54.00Feb 202333,838.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
155,773,0002BR54.00Feb 202333,838.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
155,819,0002BR56.00Feb 202334,114.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
1510,340,0002BR61.50Feb 202361,240.00 /mo25 mos.Front Unit facing East
156,268,0002BR57.00Feb 202336,808.00 /mo25 mos.Front Unit facing East
PH5,938,0002BR56.00Feb 202334,828.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
PH5,890,0002BR54.00Feb 202334,540.00 /mo25 mos.Rear Unit facing West
PH6,339,0002BR56.00Feb 202337,234.00 /mo25 mos.Front Unit facing East
015,493,0002BR56.00Aug 202242,313.16 /mo19 mos.Rear Unit facing North
016,006,0002BR61.50Aug 202246,363.16 /mo19 mos.Rear Unit facing North
0110,015,0002BR61.50Aug 202278,013.16 /mo19 mos.Front Unit facing South
025,231,0002BR56.00Aug 202240,244.74 /mo19 mos.Rear Unit facing North
025,190,0002BR54.00Aug 202239,921.05 /mo19 mos.Rear Unit facing North
025,745,0002BR61.50Aug 202244,302.63 /mo19 mos.Rear Unit facing North
029,748,0002BR61.50Aug 202275,905.26 /mo19 mos.Front Unit facing South
025,676,0002BR57.00Aug 202243,757.89 /mo19 mos.Front Unit facing South
026,148,0002BR61.50Aug 202247,484.21 /mo19 mos.Front Unit facing South
035,768,0002BR61.50Aug 202244,484.21 /mo19 mos.Rear Unit facing North
035,768,0002BR61.50Aug 202244,484.21 /mo19 mos.Rear Unit facing North
039,773,0002BR61.50Aug 202276,102.63 /mo19 mos.Front Unit facing South
049,795,0002BR61.50Aug 202276,276.32 /mo19 mos.Front Unit facing South
046,195,0002BR61.50Aug 202247,855.26 /mo19 mos.Front Unit facing South
055,815,0002BR61.50Aug 202244,855.26 /mo19 mos.Rear Unit facing North
059,821,0002BR61.50Aug 202276,481.58 /mo19 mos.Front Unit facing South
056,221,0002BR61.50Aug 202248,060.53 /mo19 mos.Front Unit facing South
066,127,0002BR61.50Aug 202247,318.42 /mo19 mos.Rear Unit facing North
0610,138,0002BR61.50Aug 202278,984.21 /mo19 mos.Front Unit facing South
066,538,0002BR61.50Aug 202250,563.16 /mo19 mos.Front Unit facing South
075,350,0002BR56.00Aug 202241,184.21 /mo19 mos.Rear Unit facing North
075,863,0002BR61.50Aug 202245,234.21 /mo19 mos.Rear Unit facing North
076,269,0002BR61.50Aug 202248,439.47 /mo19 mos.Front Unit facing South
086,127,0002BR61.50Aug 202247,318.42 /mo19 mos.Rear Unit facing North
086,015,0002BR56.00Aug 202246,434.21 /mo19 mos.Front Unit facing South
095,449,0002BR57.00Aug 202241,965.79 /mo19 mos.Rear Unit facing North
095,398,0002BR56.00Aug 202241,563.16 /mo19 mos.Rear Unit facing North
095,912,0002BR61.50Aug 202245,621.05 /mo19 mos.Rear Unit facing North
105,379,0002BR54.00Aug 202241,413.16 /mo19 mos.Rear Unit facing North
105,935,0002BR61.50Aug 202245,802.63 /mo19 mos.Rear Unit facing North
105,771,0002BR54.00Aug 202244,507.89 /mo19 mos.Front Unit facing South
105,771,0002BR54.00Aug 202244,507.89 /mo19 mos.Front Unit facing South
106,341,0002BR61.50Aug 202249,007.89 /mo19 mos.Front Unit facing South
115,733,0002BR56.00Aug 202244,207.89 /mo19 mos.Rear Unit facing North
125,426,0002BR54.00Aug 202241,784.21 /mo19 mos.Rear Unit facing North
125,426,0002BR54.00Aug 202241,784.21 /mo19 mos.Rear Unit facing North
125,470,0002BR56.00Aug 202242,131.58 /mo19 mos.Rear Unit facing North
125,919,0002BR57.00Aug 202245,676.32 /mo19 mos.Front Unit facing South
145,450,0002BR54.00Aug 202241,973.68 /mo19 mos.Rear Unit facing North
145,493,0002BR56.00Aug 202242,313.16 /mo19 mos.Rear Unit facing North
146,006,0002BR61.50Aug 202246,363.16 /mo19 mos.Rear Unit facing North
145,945,0002BR57.00Aug 202245,881.58 /mo19 mos.Front Unit facing South
156,031,0002BR61.50Aug 202246,560.53 /mo19 mos.Rear Unit facing North
1510,040,0002BR61.50Aug 202278,210.53 /mo19 mos.Front Unit facing South
156,440,0002BR61.50Aug 202249,789.47 /mo19 mos.Front Unit facing South

3 Bedroom Tandem A

1 Bedroom A and 2 Bedroom E Combined

Tandem Unit A


4 Bedroom Tandem B

Two adjacent 2 Bedroom Inner units combined

  Tandem Unit B


30% Minimum Down payment which can be deferred monthly until Completion/RFO date

Remaining Balance through In-house or Bank Financing after Completion/RFO date



  • Oak Building – August 2022
  • Helicia Building – February 2023
  • Almond Building – August 2023



Below is our template to generate Sample Computations for The Atherton

List Price 3400000
Regular Discount 0.04 136000
Total Contract Price 3264000
Closing Fees 0.105 342720
TOTAL 3606720
Downpayment 0.3 979200
Reservation Fee 20000
Net Downpayment 959200
Number of months -24230
Monthly DP -39.5873
Balance 0.7 2284800
Total Balance (with Closing Fees) 2627520
Bank Financing 60 mos 0.07000000000000001 52028.0452
Bank Financing 120 mos 0.07000000000000001 30507.7351
Bank Financing 180 mos 0.07000000000000001 23616.8926



Our communities in our high rise developments feature resort-like amenities and lots of open space.  DMCI Homes’ existing projects should give you an idea of what amenities you could expect for The Atherton DMCI.

The usual amenities and facilities are the Swimming Pool, Basketball Court (not available for some projects), Lawn/Recreation Area, Playground, Convenience Store, Entertainment Room, Function Room and Fitness Gym.


Indoor Amenities

  • Lounge Areas
  • Snack Bar and Kitchen
  • Game Area
  • Sky Lounge
  • Fitness Gym
  • Extended Sky Patio
  • Audio Visual Room
  • Badminton Court



  • Convenience Store
  • Water Refilling Station
  • Laundry Station

PMO Services

  • Guarded gate and entrance, and 24 hour roving personnel
  • General Maintenance of Common Areas
  • Taxi call-in service
  • Utilities Application and Payment Assistance


Reservation and Requirements for The Atherton DMCI

To prepare for reservation of a unit in The Atherton DMCI, you would  need the following:

  1. Client Registration Form
  2. Reservation Agreement Form
  3. Copy of any Valid ID
  4. Reservation Fee Php 20,000 for a unit and/or Php 10,000 for parking

After reservation, other requirements we would need are the following:

  1. Valid IDs with clear photo and signature
  2. Proof of Billing Address (This should match your preferred billing address indicated in the Reservation Agreement Form).  If you don’t have your own proof of billing, you can make use of someone else’s with authorization form
  3. Signed Computation Sheet
  4. Marriage Certificate
  5. TIN number – if not available, we can get new ones for you

After submission of requirements, your contracts for your The Atherton DMCI Unit and/or Parking Slot shall then be drafted which usually takes a week to be released.

For the down payments for The Atherton DMCI, we have 3 modes of payments (3 options):

  1. Philippine Post Dated Checks (PDCs) for the down payments – If not available, you can make use of a friend’s or relative’s checks with authorisation letter
  2. Auto Debit Arrangement (ADA) from accredited banks
  3. Bills Payment Option through accredited Remittance Centers

The remaining balance can either be financed through Bank Financing or In-house Financing.  Below is the list of accredited banks that you can make use of:

  1. Asia United Bank
  2. Bank of Commerce
  3. BDO
  4. BPI
  5. Chinabank
  6. China Bank Savings
  7. Eastwest Bank
  8. HSBC
  9. Maybank
  10. Metrobank
  11. Planter’s Bank
  12. RCBC Savings Bank
  13. Philippine Business Bank
  14. PNB
  15. PSBank
  16. Robinson’s Bank
  17. Security Bank
  18. Union Bank

We assist in your application for Bank Financing which is initiated within 6 months from turnover of your unit.

For Condo Sales and Reservation Inquiries Only
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 +63 (947) 899-9297 (Smart)
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