Prisma Residences in Pasig

Prisma Residences is DMCI Homes’ upcoming project located along Pasig Boulevard near C5.  Furthermore, the project will feature 3 towers.


Project Information

Address  Pasig Blvd., Brgy. Bagong Ilog, Pasig City
Lot Size 2.03 Hectares
No. of Towers 3 High Rise Towers (Astra, Celeste and Kiran)
No. of Floors 41 Residential Floors ( Astra)

41 Residential Floors (Celeste)

45 Residential Floor (Kiran)

Parking 6 Basement Level Parking
Number of Units  1,047(Astra), 1,220 (Celeste), 835 (Kiran)



Lumiventt Technology

Below is a photo for the first building of Prisma Residences, Astra building.  You would notice from the facade, air wells which allow the building to breathe.  This also allows natural light to enter the building.  We call this patented technology Lumiventt.  While inside the building, you get a flowing breeze of air through the hallways.

Prisma Residences Building Facade


Below is a photo of the amenities of the project.  The use of outdoor amenities is free to use to all residents.  In addition to that, guests of residents may also make use of the amenities and facilities depending on the policy of the property management office of Prisma Residences.


LOCATION Pasig Blvd., Brgy. Bagong Ilog, Pasig City
LOT AREA 2.03 Hectares
TYPE High Rise Condominium
NUM OF BUILDINGS 2 High Rise Towers (Astra and Celeste)
NUM OF FLOORS 41 Residential Floors( Astra)
LAUNCH Feb 9, 2017



Prisma Residences will make use of 75% open area ratio hence residents won’t feel crowded in this high rise condominium development.

As you can see below, the first building, Astra, is located at the middle of the development with the front side of the building facing East and the amenities.  Also, the next building will be released soon on a yet to be determined date.


ASTRA Apr 2022
CELESTE Apr 2023
KIRAN 42nd to PH Apr 2024
32nd to 41st Jul 2024
22nd to 31st Oct 2024
11TH to 21st Jan 2025
GF  to 10th  Apr 2025






The Views

Prisma Residences will have beautiful 360 degree views therefore you have views of the Ortigas Skyline, Antipolo Mountains, Makati Skyline and Laguna De Bay.  Additionally, choose the unit with the best views to your liking.



Experience complete access to the CBDs of BGC and Ortigas while enjoying the different shades of nature.  Revel in the overall experience of a home that reflect the spectrum of quality, craftsmanship and competence.  Begin to see life in a more colorful perspective with Prisma Residences, DMCI Homes’ latest development in Pasig City.

Below is the location map for Prisma Residences.  The project is located between Rizal Medical Center and URC along Pasig boulevard.  It is very near the access to C5 road which would easily lead you towards Bonifacio Global City (BGC).

If you head towards, Shaw Boulevard, you would easily reach Ortigas Center and the nearby malls like Shangrila and Megamall.

From Shaw Boulevard

Below is a video showing the route from Shaw Boulevard to Prisma Residences

From Market Market

  • Turn right on 32nd street
  • Take Pasig flyover going to C5 road
  • Keep right to Service road
  • Take U-turn
  • Turn right to Pasig Blvd


From Tiendesitas:

  • Go straight passing through SM Hypermart, Julia Vargas, Lanuza St., URC
  • Turn right to Pasig Blvd.



Nearby Establishments

Prisma Residences is located right in the middle of the Central Business Districts of Ortigas and Bonifacio Global City.  The main road of C.P. Garcia Avenue (C5) is right beside the property.


Business and Commercial




Capitol Commons


9 mins

Tiendesitas/Silver City

3 km

15 mins

Greenfield District


15 mins

Ortigas Center


13 mins

SM Aura


15 mins

Market Market


15 mins

SM Megamall


16 mins


Educational Institutions




Rizal High School

1.3 km

16 mins

Academy of International Culinary Arts

1.6 km

5 mins

St. Paul College, Pasig


12 mins

Treston International School


11 mins

International School Manila


11 mins

Lourdes School of Mandaluyong


15 mins

University of Asia and the Pacific


15 mins

University of Makati


13 mins

Domuschola International School


20 mins


Safety and Security




St. Luke’s Medical Center, BGC


13 mins

The Medical City, Pasig


18 mins

VRP Medical Center


20 mins

Pasig General Hospital


21 mins





Eastern Police District

1.3 km

9 mins

Pasig City Police Headquarters

2 km

9 mins

Police Station


9 mins

Makati Police Station 9


24 mins

Pasig City Hall


13 mins




Prisma Residences is perfect for Investors who would want to utilize the accessibility of the area.  For rentals, the target is the middle income rental market.

For young professionals, this is a very affordable first major investment.  You can make use of the property as secondary or halfway home.

This is a practical choice for a home for startup families.  You also get a peaceful setting when you upgrade to Prisma Residences


Why should you acquire a unit here?

Below are selling points for Prisma Residences.  Check and see if our project is right for you.

Practicality without the need to sacrifice

  1. Very Accessible
  2. Full Condo Living Experience
  3. 360 degree view

Nature Inspired Amenities

  1. Landscaped areas that provide a wonderful view.
  2. Pools that offer refreshing comfort.
  3. Gazebos that families and friends can bond in.
  4. Centralized exercise area and basketball court for fitness and wellness.

A development of triple A developer DMCI Homes

  1. Quality
  2. Value for Money
  3. Lumiventt technology
  4. Natural air and light.


Prisma Residences will have 42 residential floors with similar floor plans shown below.  We have an Atrium floor every 5 levels.  We first have the Atrium Floor, 2nd-3rd level above Atrium floor with airwells and 4th-5th level with no airwells

Prisma Residences Floorplan 1

Prisma Residences Floor Plan 2

Prisma Residences Floor Plan 3



15% Downpayment Promo 

PRISMA RESIDENCES Availability, Prices and Computations

Available units
Price Range
15% DP
1BR2628.00 - 34.004,826,000 - 5,385,00016,270.65 - 73,090.00 /mo
2BR9556.00 - 66.507,082,000 - 9,810,00023,835.87 - 111,415.00 /mo
3BR783.50 - 83.509,163,000 - 10,224,00067,545.45 - 151,360.00 /mo



1 Bedroom A

Below is the layout and computations for a 1 Bedroom A in Prisma Residences.



1 Bedroom B

Below is the layout and computations for a 1 Bedroom B in Prisma Residences.


1 Bedroom C


Availability of 1 Bedroom Units

DP 15%
024,826,0001BR32.00Apr 202270,390.00 /mo10 mos.Front Unit facing East
245,006,0001BR32.00Apr 202273,090.00 /mo10 mos.Rear Unit facing West
075,123,0001BR32.00Apr 202516,270.65 /mo46 mos.Front Unit facing North
155,010,0001BR28.00Jan 202517,011.63 /mo43 mos.Rear Unit facing South
155,010,0001BR28.00Jan 202517,011.63 /mo43 mos.Rear Unit facing South
165,019,0001BR28.00Jan 202517,043.02 /mo43 mos.Rear Unit facing South
165,019,0001BR28.00Jan 202517,043.02 /mo43 mos.Rear Unit facing South
164,994,0001BR28.00Jan 202516,955.81 /mo43 mos.Front Unit facing North
185,039,0001BR28.00Jan 202517,112.79 /mo43 mos.Rear Unit facing South
185,039,0001BR28.00Jan 202517,112.79 /mo43 mos.Front Unit facing North
185,224,0001BR34.00Jan 202517,758.14 /mo43 mos.Front Unit facing North
195,050,0001BR28.00Jan 202517,151.16 /mo43 mos.Front Unit facing North
205,059,0001BR28.00Jan 202517,182.56 /mo43 mos.Rear Unit facing South
205,059,0001BR28.00Jan 202517,182.56 /mo43 mos.Rear Unit facing South
205,059,0001BR28.00Jan 202517,182.56 /mo43 mos.Front Unit facing North
205,244,0001BR34.00Jan 202517,827.91 /mo43 mos.Front Unit facing North
215,068,0001BR28.00Jan 202517,213.95 /mo43 mos.Front Unit facing North
215,068,0001BR28.00Jan 202517,213.95 /mo43 mos.Front Unit facing North
235,274,0001BR32.00Oct 202419,277.50 /mo40 mos.Front Unit facing North
285,137,0001BR28.00Oct 202418,763.75 /mo40 mos.Rear Unit facing South
285,137,0001BR28.00Oct 202418,763.75 /mo40 mos.Front Unit facing North
315,166,0001BR28.00Oct 202418,872.50 /mo40 mos.Front Unit facing North
335,186,0001BR28.00Jul 202420,483.78 /mo37 mos.Rear Unit facing South
345,385,0001BR34.00Jul 202421,290.54 /mo37 mos.Front Unit facing North
345,195,0001BR28.00Jul 202420,520.27 /mo37 mos.Front Unit facing North
415,263,0001BR28.00Jul 202420,795.95 /mo37 mos.Front Unit facing North


2 Bedroom A



2 Bedroom B


Availability of 2 Bedroom Units

DP 15%
377,110,0002BR56.00Apr 2022104,650.00 /mo10 mos.Front Unit facing East
PH7,561,0002BR56.00Apr 2022111,415.00 /mo10 mos.Front Unit facing East
067,291,0002BR56.00Apr 202348,802.27 /mo22 mos.Rear Unit facing Southwest
157,082,0002BR56.00Apr 202347,377.27 /mo22 mos.Rear Unit facing Northwest
317,513,0002BR56.00Apr 202350,315.91 /mo22 mos.Rear Unit facing Southwest
347,598,0002BR56.00Apr 202350,895.45 /mo22 mos.Rear Unit facing Southwest
367,708,0002BR56.00Apr 202351,645.45 /mo22 mos.Rear Unit facing Northwest
398,008,0002BR56.00Apr 202353,690.91 /mo22 mos.Rear Unit facing Northwest
407,763,0002BR56.00Apr 202352,020.45 /mo22 mos.Rear Unit facing Southwest
417,780,0002BR56.00Apr 202352,136.36 /mo22 mos.Rear Unit facing Southwest
PH8,195,0002BR56.00Apr 202354,965.91 /mo22 mos.Rear Unit facing Northwest
PH8,195,0002BR56.00Apr 202354,965.91 /mo22 mos.Rear Unit facing Northwest
PH7,795,0002BR56.00Apr 202352,238.64 /mo22 mos.Rear Unit facing Southwest
PH7,795,0002BR56.00Apr 202352,238.64 /mo22 mos.Rear Unit facing Southwest
027,647,0002BR60.50Apr 202524,501.09 /mo46 mos.Rear Unit facing South
037,473,0002BR56.00Apr 202523,933.70 /mo46 mos.Rear Unit facing South
038,030,0002BR66.50Apr 202525,750.00 /mo46 mos.Front Unit facing North
037,473,0002BR56.00Apr 202523,933.70 /mo46 mos.Front Unit facing North
037,473,0002BR56.00Apr 202523,933.70 /mo46 mos.Front Unit facing North
037,884,0002BR60.50Apr 202525,273.91 /mo46 mos.Front Unit facing North
048,060,0002BR66.50Apr 202525,847.83 /mo46 mos.Front Unit facing North
057,503,0002BR56.00Apr 202524,031.52 /mo46 mos.Front Unit facing North
068,679,0002BR66.50Apr 202527,866.30 /mo46 mos.Front Unit facing North
088,531,0002BR66.50Apr 202527,383.70 /mo46 mos.Front Unit facing North
118,835,0002BR66.50Jan 202530,354.65 /mo43 mos.Rear Unit facing South
148,331,0002BR66.50Jan 202528,596.51 /mo43 mos.Front Unit facing North
147,621,0002BR56.00Jan 202526,119.77 /mo43 mos.Front Unit facing North
157,637,0002BR56.00Jan 202526,175.58 /mo43 mos.Rear Unit facing South
168,392,0002BR66.50Jan 202528,809.30 /mo43 mos.Rear Unit facing South
168,392,0002BR66.50Jan 202528,809.30 /mo43 mos.Front Unit facing North
168,392,0002BR66.50Jan 202528,809.30 /mo43 mos.Front Unit facing North
198,968,0002BR66.50Jan 202530,818.60 /mo43 mos.Rear Unit facing South
198,842,0002BR66.50Jan 202530,379.07 /mo43 mos.Front Unit facing North
197,696,0002BR56.00Jan 202526,381.40 /mo43 mos.Front Unit facing North
208,999,0002BR66.50Jan 202530,926.74 /mo43 mos.Rear Unit facing South
208,873,0002BR66.50Jan 202530,487.21 /mo43 mos.Front Unit facing North
208,945,0002BR66.50Jan 202530,738.37 /mo43 mos.Front Unit facing North
219,032,0002BR66.50Jan 202531,041.86 /mo43 mos.Rear Unit facing South
218,905,0002BR66.50Jan 202530,598.84 /mo43 mos.Front Unit facing North
218,977,0002BR66.50Jan 202530,850.00 /mo43 mos.Front Unit facing North
249,126,0002BR66.50Oct 202433,722.50 /mo40 mos.Rear Unit facing South
249,001,0002BR66.50Oct 202433,253.75 /mo40 mos.Front Unit facing North
259,158,0002BR66.50Oct 202433,842.50 /mo40 mos.Rear Unit facing South
259,032,0002BR66.50Oct 202433,370.00 /mo40 mos.Front Unit facing North
259,104,0002BR66.50Oct 202433,640.00 /mo40 mos.Front Unit facing North
269,189,0002BR66.50Oct 202433,958.75 /mo40 mos.Rear Unit facing South
269,063,0002BR66.50Oct 202433,486.25 /mo40 mos.Front Unit facing North
267,800,0002BR56.00Oct 202428,750.00 /mo40 mos.Front Unit facing North
269,137,0002BR66.50Oct 202433,763.75 /mo40 mos.Front Unit facing North
299,285,0002BR66.50Oct 202434,318.75 /mo40 mos.Rear Unit facing South
299,157,0002BR66.50Oct 202433,838.75 /mo40 mos.Front Unit facing North
299,232,0002BR66.50Oct 202434,120.00 /mo40 mos.Front Unit facing North
309,190,0002BR66.50Oct 202433,962.50 /mo40 mos.Front Unit facing North
319,223,0002BR66.50Oct 202434,086.25 /mo40 mos.Front Unit facing North
317,874,0002BR56.00Oct 202429,027.50 /mo40 mos.Front Unit facing North
329,718,0002BR66.50Jul 202438,856.76 /mo37 mos.Front Unit facing North
339,416,0002BR66.50Jul 202437,632.43 /mo37 mos.Rear Unit facing South
339,287,0002BR66.50Jul 202437,109.46 /mo37 mos.Front Unit facing North
337,905,0002BR56.00Jul 202431,506.76 /mo37 mos.Front Unit facing North
339,360,0002BR66.50Jul 202437,405.41 /mo37 mos.Front Unit facing North
349,320,0002BR66.50Jul 202437,243.24 /mo37 mos.Front Unit facing North
349,394,0002BR66.50Jul 202437,543.24 /mo37 mos.Front Unit facing North
359,482,0002BR66.50Jul 202437,900.00 /mo37 mos.Rear Unit facing South
359,407,0002BR66.50Jul 202437,595.95 /mo37 mos.Rear Unit facing South
359,352,0002BR66.50Jul 202437,372.97 /mo37 mos.Front Unit facing North
359,425,0002BR66.50Jul 202437,668.92 /mo37 mos.Front Unit facing North
369,438,0002BR66.50Jul 202437,721.62 /mo37 mos.Rear Unit facing South
369,385,0002BR66.50Jul 202437,506.76 /mo37 mos.Front Unit facing North
369,458,0002BR66.50Jul 202437,802.70 /mo37 mos.Front Unit facing North
379,810,0002BR66.50Jul 202439,229.73 /mo37 mos.Front Unit facing North
389,449,0002BR66.50Jul 202437,766.22 /mo37 mos.Front Unit facing North
387,978,0002BR56.00Jul 202431,802.70 /mo37 mos.Front Unit facing North
399,482,0002BR66.50Jul 202437,900.00 /mo37 mos.Front Unit facing North
397,993,0002BR56.00Jul 202431,863.51 /mo37 mos.Front Unit facing North
397,993,0002BR56.00Jul 202431,863.51 /mo37 mos.Front Unit facing North
409,642,0002BR66.50Jul 202438,548.65 /mo37 mos.Rear Unit facing South
409,570,0002BR66.50Jul 202438,256.76 /mo37 mos.Rear Unit facing South
409,513,0002BR66.50Jul 202438,025.68 /mo37 mos.Front Unit facing North
408,008,0002BR56.00Jul 202431,924.32 /mo37 mos.Front Unit facing North
408,008,0002BR56.00Jul 202431,924.32 /mo37 mos.Front Unit facing North
409,588,0002BR66.50Jul 202438,329.73 /mo37 mos.Front Unit facing North
419,677,0002BR66.50Jul 202438,690.54 /mo37 mos.Rear Unit facing South
419,546,0002BR66.50Jul 202438,159.46 /mo37 mos.Front Unit facing North
418,023,0002BR56.00Jul 202431,985.14 /mo37 mos.Front Unit facing North
418,023,0002BR56.00Jul 202431,985.14 /mo37 mos.Front Unit facing North
428,037,0002BR56.00Apr 202434,869.12 /mo34 mos.Front Unit facing North
439,610,0002BR66.50Apr 202441,808.82 /mo34 mos.Front Unit facing North
438,052,0002BR56.00Apr 202434,935.29 /mo34 mos.Front Unit facing North
438,052,0002BR56.00Apr 202434,935.29 /mo34 mos.Front Unit facing North
449,699,0002BR66.50Apr 202442,201.47 /mo34 mos.Rear Unit facing South
449,644,0002BR66.50Apr 202441,958.82 /mo34 mos.Front Unit facing North
448,067,0002BR56.00Apr 202435,001.47 /mo34 mos.Front Unit facing North
448,067,0002BR56.00Apr 202435,001.47 /mo34 mos.Front Unit facing North
GF7,443,0002BR56.00Apr 202523,835.87 /mo46 mos.Rear Unit facing South
GF8,318,0002BR66.50Apr 202526,689.13 /mo46 mos.Rear Unit facing South


3 Bedroom


Availability of 3 Bedroom Units

DP 15%
089,163,0003BR83.50Apr 2022135,445.00 /mo10 mos.Rear Unit facing West
2810,138,0003BR83.50Apr 2022150,070.00 /mo10 mos.Rear Unit facing West
4110,189,0003BR83.50Apr 2022150,835.00 /mo10 mos.Rear Unit facing West
4210,224,0003BR83.50Apr 2022151,360.00 /mo10 mos.Rear Unit facing West
0810,191,0003BR83.50Apr 202368,575.00 /mo22 mos.Front Unit facing Northeast
2810,040,0003BR83.50Apr 202367,545.45 /mo22 mos.Front Unit facing Northeast
3110,150,0003BR83.50Apr 202368,295.45 /mo22 mos.Front Unit facing Northeast



4 Bedroom Tandem



15% Minimum Down payment which can be deferred monthly until Completion/RFO date

Remaining Balance through In-house or Bank Financing after Completion/RFO date



ASTRA Apr 2022
CELESTE Apr 2023
KIRAN 42nd to PH Apr 2024
32nd to 41st Jul 2024
22nd to 31st Oct 2024
11th to 21st Jan 2025
GF to 10th  Apr 2025




Below is our template to generate Sample Computations for Prisma Residences

List Price 4605000
Regular Discount 0.04 184200
Total Contract Price 4420800
Closing Fees 0.105 464184
TOTAL 4884984
Downpayment 0.3 1326240
Reservation Fee 20000
Net Downpayment 1306240
Number of months -24240
Monthly DP -53.8878
Balance 0.7 3094560
Total Balance (with Closing Fees) 3558744
Bank Financing 60 mos 0.07000000000000001 70467.3965
Bank Financing 120 mos 0.07000000000000001 41320.0354
Bank Financing 180 mos 0.07000000000000001 31986.9972




Below is the list of turnover finishes that you would expect for each unit type.  You have the option to request for certain finishes not to be installed but this should be done before a given cut-off period.  A non-installation bond will be required for this as well.



As with existing DMCI High Rise projects, we expect to have the similar standard amenities and facilities that we offer.

Below are photos of amenities of what to expect with Prisma Residences.


  • Al Fresco (Basement 1)
  • Fitness Gym (Basement 1)
  • Open Lounge
  • Game Area (Ground Floor)
  • AVR (Roof Deck)
  • Sky Lounge (Roof Deck)


  • Lap Pool
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Lounge Pool Gazebos
  • Basketball Court
  • Play Area
  • Jogging Path / Outdoor Fitness Area
  • Open / Picnic Lawn
  • Feature Garden


  • Convenience Store
  • Water Station
  • Laundry Station



  • Individual metered utility
  • Provision for telephone connection
  • Provision for cable connection
  • Provision for fiber optics internet connection


  • Lumiventt
  • Full Back-up Power
  • Landscaped Gardens and Atrium
  • 7 High Speed Elevators
  • Electrified Perimeter Fence
  • CCTV Provision
  • Fire Detection Alarm and Suppression Systems

PMO Services

  • Guarded gate and entrance, and 24 hour roving personnel
  • Maintenance of landscaped areas
  • Taxi call-in service

Reservation and Requirements

To reserve a unit in Prisma Residences, you would need the following:

  1. Client Registration Form
  2. Reservation Agreement Form
  3. Copy of any Valid ID
  4. Reservation Fee Php 20,000 for a unit and/or Php 10,000 for parking

After reservation, other requirements we would need are the following:

  1. Valid IDs with clear photo and signature
  2. Proof of Billing Address (This should match your preferred billing address indicated in the Reservation Agreement Form).  If you don’t have your own proof of billing, you can make use of someone else’s with authorization form
  3. Signed Computation Sheet
  4. Marriage Certificate
  5. TIN number – if not available, we can get new ones for you

After submission of requirements, your contracts for your Prisma Residences Unit and/or Parking Slot shall then be drafted which usually takes a week to be released.

For the down payments for Prisma Residences, we have 3 modes of payments (3 options):

  1. Philippine Post Dated Checks (PDCs) for the down payments – If not available, you can make use of a friend’s or relative’s checks with authorisation letter
  2. Auto Debit Arrangement (ADA) from accredited banks
  3. Bills Payment Option through accredited Remittance Centers

The remaining balance can either be financed through Bank Financing or In-house Financing.  Below is the list of accredited banks that you can make use of:

  1. Asia United Bank
  2. Bank of Commerce
  3. BDO
  4. BPI
  5. Chinabank
  6. China Bank Savings
  7. Eastwest Bank
  8. HSBC
  9. Maybank
  10. Metrobank
  11. Planter’s Bank
  12. RCBC Savings Bank
  13. Philippine Business Bank
  14. PNB
  15. PSBank
  16. Robinson’s Bank
  17. Security Bank
  18. Union Bank

We assist in your application for Bank Financing which is initiated within 6 months from turnover of your unit.


DMCI Quality Seal


Prisma Residences bears the DMCI Homes Quality Seal, which represents our commitment to deliver homes that are built to last. Your new home is subject to our proprietary quality management system, and comes with a 2-year limited warranty*

*Property developers typically provide a one-year warranty. DMCI Homes’ 2-year limited warranty covers most uit deliverables, except operable items subject to daily wear and tear. Terms and conditions apply.

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